Why we LOVE WP Forms

Why we LOVE WP Forms 2072 1738 Pixel Harbor

WPForms is by far, hands down, our #1 recommendation and plugin we use for our client’s websites for every type of form.

WPForms Features & Addons are so well thought out, designed and user friendly, we have yet to find a form solution that covers as many bases as this program.

Their forms are responsive, spam protected, they offer an offline add-on in case the user looses internet connection half way through filling out their information.

They integrate with PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, GetResponse and other CMS systems.

You can capture signatures digitally and securely, send reminders to abandoned forms for completion, block access to certain forms without permissions, accept file uploads, get instant notifications of submissions, and manage all of your entries in one beautiful user interface.

Just check it out. They are amazing. If you are a website client of ours, you already know how great they are – but if you are considering a website with us – take a peek, and see what this incredible addition to your site can do to enhance your customer engagement!

Here, take a look: WPForms