The SIMPLE landing page for sales conversions.

The SIMPLE landing page for sales conversions. 800 450 Pixel Harbor

Need to create a store, sell everywhere and boost sales quickly and on a budget? I love simple solutions for businesses online, and this one is my favorite for e-commerce landing pages.

I personally think that landing pages can be amazing tools if they are setup correctly with consistent brand elements – and they have been proven to easily convert sales for businesses online. Landing pages can compliment your website or act as your primary website if you are only selling one product, or service. What makes them effective is their ease of use for your customer.

My advice: don’t make them too wordy or dump too much information on them – use just enough smart content, graphics and images to captivate your audience. You don’t need to fill your hook with all the worms to catch the fish.

This landing page solution has a simple 4-step “1 page protocol” for success:

  1. Excite your target audience
  2. Connect to your audience
  3. Prove your product (via testimonials, guarantee, trust seals endorsement etc)
  4. Convert (making the sale!)

I have tried a few of these “sales funnel” programs – but I this one that stand out above the rest – because of it’s dummy proof setup, insanely clean and accessible user interface and my favorite aspect – low cost. It starts at just $49/month – with a 14 day free trial (Click here to try it out) to make sure you love it, risk-free.