Helping out during Covid-19

Helping out during Covid-19 1712 1304 Pixel Harbor

In such an unprecedented time, Pixel Harbor, like the majority of small businesses in our country, and around the globe, had no choice but to slow production and adjust to a new-for-now “normal”.

With the skills and resources available to us, we dug deep and found a couple ways to put our business to use for good – to help out our fellow Americans during stay-at-home orders and lockdowns.

With the collaboration of many other givers, providers, and creators, we launched two websites, hosted right here on Pixel Harbor’s servers. Here they are:

Virtual Village

185 FREE ONLINE RESOURCES provided mostly by American small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

What we DO list: Easy-to-use FREE no-catch resources you will want to share with your friends. What we DON’T list: Trial or demo-only offers, outdated, or hard to navigate resources.

The Virtual Village includes FREE online resources in the following 12 categories: Art & Music Activities , PreK – 12th Education, Reading , STEM. Virtual Field Trips. Entertainment. Kids Fun & Games. Lifelong Learning & Research. Virtual Tours. Webcams. Food & Wellness. Health, Fitness & Beauty. Home & Garden. Pets and Working From Home.

VISIT THE VIRTUAL VILLAGE: pixelharbor.com/virtualvillage


FindAMaskMaker.com is a collaboration of crafters nationwide, making cotton re-usable face-masks to help Americans stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a resources for the crafters to share with anyone needing a mask if they can not meet the demands of requests, and to ensure that everyone in America can have a cotton smile to get through this time. As of April 15th, 2020, there were nearly 90 crafters listed in 45 states providing masks to those who need them, and actively taking requests for more.

VISIT FINDAMASKMAKER.COM: http://findamaskmaker.com