5-Step Fool Proof Business Branding

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When you think of a brand, what comes to mind? Maybe a logo, or some advertising you’ve seen for a certain company? Perhaps the packaging you have grown to trust when you see it? To create a successful brand, you must follow one golden rule, consistency.

Your brand creates the trust your customers count on when they do business with you.

Good branding is vital to creating strong repeat customer potential and a word of mouth fan following. It’s everything from the decor in your brick an mortar to your packaging, digital graphics and website, your follow up marketing, and it’s the way you interact with your customers in person and online.

How to build your brand:

This is not a quick process or easy task, but it is a simple one if you have the knowledge and skills (or hire someone who does) and most importantly – stay organized and don’t rush it. Starting a marketing or advertising campaign without a solid brand in place for your business creates confusion and inconsistency for your audience. Remember, branding is about establishing trust – and trust builds loyalty.

Step 1. Develop your business plan.

Step 2. Create a strong logo that represents your business accurately and easily.

Step 3. Create and always follow your style guide.

Step 4. Adopt a slogan or motto that creates a connection to your audience.

Step 5. Be consistent with your branding and advertise regularly.

Get Started!

With the right tools, knowledge and professionals, developing a successful brand is not hard, but it takes effort and investment, which if you are starting or running your own business, you know you already need – and if you don’t, you will need to dig deep to get motivated and passionate about your end goal.

A strong brand is the foundation for your business. If you started your business with a weak brand, or none at all, do not despair! You can always re-brand or refresh your business to give it a fresh update, and have a grand re-opening or NEW LOOK launch – which in itself is a great promotional opportunity. If you are just starting out, do not skimp on your branding effort or investment.

Your brand is your chance to truly create the strongest impact in your industry.