Running a business is like sailing a ship – there are a lot of moving parts to get going, but eventually you will need to find a dock where you can attract customers to stay afloat. Pixel Harbor is where you Anchor your Brand. “I focus on your branding, website and graphics, while you focus on what you do best – delivering your service, and products to your customers.”

Established in 2020, Pixel Harbor (aka PXHarbor) was created by Anna Scheetz, who works with small businesses and entrepreneurs to build websites and brands that stand out from the crowd.

Based in beautiful and warm Lakewood Ranch, Florida, Anna runs PXHarbor from her home office during her business hours. When she steps away from her desk, Anna is a devoted mom of two, and proud wife to a talented and encouraging husband, who has always been the biggest supporter of her entrepreneurial spirit. Actively volunteering in their community where they are raising their two children, has rooted their family in their new hometown where they have happily lived since 2021.

Working closely with local businesses, to build their reputations through custom graphics and branding, and freeing up their time from website management, allows Anna to inspire local small business owners and entrepreneurs, like her, to create their own work-life balance, that she believes, is a key to success as an entrepreneur. “Work hard, play hard” does not need to be a goal for business owners – it is an attainable way to operate when you work with the right people, and allow yourself to take off a few hats.

Hiring a full-time in-house graphics or web professional is not always feasible, necessary, or affordable. Handling all of your own graphics and web tasks when you lack the knowledge or experience, costs you time, and leads to missed opportunities to create a professional brand. This mistake is often a result of trying to keep overhead costs low by not working with a expert.

PX Harbor handles projects both consistently or sporadically as needed. If you need a single project one month, or a daily social media post, for example, the next month, PX Harbor can help you with it all. “I work as your on-call designer and offer flexible and fair pricing.”

“Give me a call today to discuss your next project – and let’s Anchor your Brand, together!” – Anna Scheetz 941-800-2411


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